Talk to us if you are looking for something for your PPE production. The illustrated articles are only some examples and a small selection.

Nose clip

Grosgrain ribbon 8mm with 2 woven wire for the production of nose clip.

Article 12032/1001 for color white
Article 12032/9001 for color black

e.g. Braid with wire

Article 32156/1100
Material: polyester + stainless steel wire

Wires for nose pieces by the meter

Article 93298
Nose clip with an iron wire
Width 3mm

Article 93299
Nose clip with two iron wires on both sides
Width 5mm

Wires for nose pieces as piece goods

Article 93294 - cut to 90mm length
Nose clip with an iron wire
Width 3mm

Item 93296 punched to 90mm length
Material: aluminum. With self-adhesive coating on the back

elastic bands, strands and cords

Elastic band for attaching face masks.

Article 29557/1000 - rubber cord 6mm
Material composition: polyester / rubber

Article 29553/1100 - rubber cord 6mm
Material composition: polyester / lycra

Article 29560/1000 - braided strand 5mm
Material composition PES / EA - Washable: 95 ° C

Article 29559/9000
Buttonhole elastic
Width 21mm
Color: Black

Article 29558/9000
Buttonhole elastic
Width 18mm
Color: Black

Article 39026/1000
Elastic cord
Diameter: approx.2.5mm

Braided elastic cord

Art. 316452
Elastic cord 2mm
Composition: 75% polyester, 25% elastane

Art. 316453
3mm elastic cord
Composition: 75% polyester, 25% elastane

Articles for protective suits

e.g. cuffs

Art. 26388/1100
Continuous stocking about 10cm wide
Composition 100% polyester

Woven ribbons for binding and binding

made of polyester

Art. 11409
Twill tape 15mm
Composition: 100% polyester

Art. 11793
Grosgrain ribbon 15mm
Composition 100% polyester

made of cotton

Article 127110
Twill tape 20mm
Composition 100% cotton

Article 127111
Twill tape 30mm
Composition 100% cotton

Roller tapes (elastic) for binding

Article 179302
Roller band 19mm
Composition 88% PA, 12% EL

Bias tape

made of cotton and cotton-polyester

Example of the use of our bias tape.

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