The history of the until today successful traditional company Escher Textil GmbH begins as early as 1849 - the brothers August and Christian-Ludwig Saatweber found a production for ribbons, cords and strands - a typical for the region of Bergisches Land and traditional manufacturing.


In 1895, Karl-Martin Pliester, the son-in-law of Christian-Ludwig Saatweber, joins the company - whose roots also lay in textile productions through his grandfather's dye works.


Karl-Martin Pliester expanded business relations in eastern Germany extremely successfully to Königsberg and Liegnitz - and in 1918 the company was renamed 'Martin Pliester', a name that should last until 2015.


Walter Pliester, son of Karl-Martin Pliesters, succeeds in 1924 in the company succession. Moving times follow: Walter Pliester leads the company successfully through the inflation that followed the First World War and the subsequent global economic crisis, as well as soon afterwards also through the Second World War, in which he himself must participate as a soldier.

The post-war period was characterized by the composition of the lost sales areas and the further expansion of the sales network to the west and south. As a result, in 1952, the company 'Leyer and Steeger', in which almost exclusively umbrella accessories was made, was purchased - a new production branch was added.


Bettina-Rosemarie Escher-Pliester joined the company in 1958 with fresh ideas after graduating in economics - shortly afterwards the company relocated to the Oststraße as well as business cooperations with the flourishing German shoe industry in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Württemberg.
In the middle of the seventies, the company entered the business of the clothing industry, where the company is still operating successfully - further acquisitions of long-established Wuppertal companies such as 'Carl Paas und Sohn' and later the traditional Jaquard ribbon mill 'Kromberg'.


The continuation of family tradition also takes place within the company - in the sixth generation in 1995, the textile and industrial engineer Georg-Christian Escher took over the company management together with his current business partner Ralph Grimm.


The place for the administration in the east street became too small. The production had been relocated to the trading street years ago. In order to have both under one roof again in 1996, the move to the building of the former printing Bockmühl in the Färberstaße.


The company Kromberg, a producer of high-quality jacquard borders founded in Wuppertal in the 19th century, was acquired in 1998. With the takeover, the company re-entered the weaving mill, which had been abandoned by Rosemarie Escher-Pliester in the 1970s due to strategic decisions. As a result of the takeover, markets and production facilities in Northern and Central Europe have opened up. Since the takeover, weaving ribbons and jacquard borders have been produced in-house in Debrecen, Hungary, and the Hungarian textile retail trade is supplied with all kinds of haberdashery by three permanent employees.


Founded in 1988 by Dirk Hausmann 'Hacotex Hausmann & Co.' was taken over in 2004, but initially continued as an independent sister company 'Hacotex GmbH & Co. KG'.


In 2007, the founding of MPH Trimmings Ltd. was carried out together with Hacotex. In Hong Kong - the opening of new business areas in Asia. A joint venture which provided for strategic purchasing in Asia as well as for the distribution of European and Asian goods to customers, mainly in Asia. MPH Trimmings Ltd. went to A & C Sourcing Ltd. in 2010 on. The advantage is obvious: product development takes place in Germany in close cooperation with the customer - and the production delivery to the production site in Greater Asia is still a mainstay of our sales activities. Eight local employees ensure that the distribution of productions in the Southeast Asian region works smoothly.


The next major step took place in 2015: 'Martin Pliester' became 'Escher Textil GmbH' - the merger of 'Martin Pliester GmbH & Co. KG', 'Hacotex GmbH & Co. KG' and 'A & C Sourcing Group Limited' in Hong Kong. The old Hacotex location in Margaretenstraße was abandoned.

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